Interviewing my mom

Asking my mom questions I’ve never asked her before

Sisterly chats (w/my sister-mom)

I asked my sister about our childhood and what it was like growing up with me and about her life as a kid.

Interviewing my momma

Barrett Stowe's mother discusses life with him.

About my mother

This is an interview with my mother about her past, her memories, and her hopes and dreams for the future. It also includes a lot of similarities between our lives and conversation about things we have in common.

Assignment for week 3

We discussed Casandra’s life growing up.

Daniel and Ralph Hitz,

Daniel Hitz talks with his dad about his dad's childhood in both Indiana and southern California

Chat With my Dad

I talked with my dad about his childhood, family, teenage years, his band, his current career, and family history.

Grandpa Lifka’s Story

Grandpa’s childhood life, his relationship with Grandma, raising their five boys, the joys of seeing their kids and grandkids grow up, his top life lessons, and his faith in God