Yiayia’s Storytime

Yiayia Rena tells us about stories from her youth, from motherhood to childhood adventures with her brother Yiorgo.

StoryCorps Interview 12/4/21

An interview I had with my mom asking her questions about her life and stories.

Unlocking the Missing Parts

I interviewed my dad on his childhood and his experiences throughout life, I learned a lot from this interview as background on my family as well. My dad shared different aspects of his life as some childhood experiences being left...

The Great Thanksgiving Interview

We talked about hobbies, interesting stories, and childhood memories. It was fun :)

A daughter interviewing her lovely mom

This interview will be about my mom, her journey in her life, and also her story she shares in this interview.

Storycorps Interview
December 4, 2021 App Interview

Talked about personal life. How she grew up.

Tyna Ngo and Son Le talk about growing up and life lessons

In this interview, December 2nd 2021 in Albuquerque New Mexico, Tyna Ngo interviews Son Le about her childhood stories and life lessons. She also talks about her happiest and saddest moments in life, and a fun story about her learning...