Oral History Project

This interview is with my mom and I ask her a lot of questions about being a mom and how O was like and how she met my dad.

Being a Parent

Elizabeth describes how being a parent has changed her and what it looks like to be one!

Oral History: English

I asked my dad overall questions about my mom, his life growing up, when he moved to Miami, and parenting.

Natalia Calonzo and Liz Wessel

Natalia shares with Liz the life changing impact that the care and nurturing of one St. Joseph nurse had on her when she was alone at age 17 giving birth. This experience changed her life trajectory and set her on...

Oral history project

In this interview I questioned my sister on her experience of being a child raising a child, and how it affected her childhood.

Brianne looks back at the pandemic, her job, children and reinventing herself

When the Covid quarantine began Bri’s work and job changed dramatically. When school changed to virtual learning her children struggled. Bro and family helped each other make it through.

Sharon Green-Peavy and Chance Peavy

Sharon Greene-Peavy (55) talks with her son Chance Peavy (25) about how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their family and their community and why they decided to get vaccinated.

Shari Jackson Small & Scott Acord

Shari recalls her early years with "The Big Guy" John Smalls. Ever the gentleman, he wanted to make their relationship legal, but she didn't want to disturb what felt like a perfect union by getting married. But, one day after...