Ivonne Romo and Juan Galeano

Ivonne Romo (30) speaks with her friend Juan Galeano (34) about their Latino/a backgrounds, their work in the non-profit community during COVID-19, and how the organizations they work with have been affected by the pandemic.

Julia Mayer and Peter Vega

Julia Mayer (56) speaks with colleague Peter Vega (34) about their journeys to being Executive Directors of two non-profit arts organizations.

Reyna Torres Mendivil and Claudia Castillo

Claudia Castillo (31) conversa con la Embajadora Reyna Torres Mendivil (53) acerca de cómo el Consulado General de México en Chicago se ha acercado a la comunidad mexicana en Illinois durante la pandemia, y cómo se han reinventado para ofrecer...

Bryan Escareno and Alicia Zeimet

Alicia Zeimet (28) has a conversation with her partner Bryan Escareno (29) about how he has navigated the pandemic as an independent musician, and their reflections on adapting in these times.

Madison Hill, Samie Jo Johnson, and Joshua Micucci-D'amato

Roommates Madison Hill (23), Joshua Micucci-D'amato (27), and Samie Jo Johnson (27) talk about wearing many different hats as artists. They also discuss what resilience means to them, how systemic racism has risen to the forefront of their conversations this...

Lisa Labovitch and Anita Mechler

Anita Mechler (39) has a conversation with friend and colleague Lisa Labovitch (39) about how their work experiences as library archivists have changed with the pandemic. They also share some anecdotes about their mental health, relationships, and creativity shifts.

Lawrence Seals and Jacob Campbell

Lawrence "Anton" Seals (46) speaks with his friend and colleague Jacob Campbell (44) about the changes they've undergone in 2020 during the pandemic, racial justice, and how they're looking toward the future.

Surinder Martignetti and Zachary Whittenburg

Surinder Martignetti (45) and her friend and colleague, Zachary Whittenburg (40), talk about where they grew up, places they've lived, their dance education, and their work today for Chicago arts organizations during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Jason Matsumoto and Mary Doi

Mary Doi (67) interviews her friend Jason Matsumoto (37) about Japanese Taiko drumming and his film career. He talks about how he has adapted the ensemble in 2020 to COVID-19 and to pay tribute to Black Lives Matter by performing...

Anthony Hirschel and Amita Banerji

Amita Banerji (65) speaks to her colleague Anthony "Tony" Hirschel (63) about how the pandemic has transformed the arts, the digital expansion of audiences for the National Indo-American Museum (NIAM), the importance of creating and maintaining strong connections with community...