Kimberly Bascope GTL 2018 – An Interview With My Dad

An interview with my dad, Henry Bascope. We talked about his childhood memories in Bolivia, school, his parents, and his life in the U.S.

GTL with my Dad

Interviewing my dad about his childhood and his experiences and some advice

Sam Marstall and Vicki Meek

I interview my grandma Vicki Meek and find out more about her past

A new POV of my neighbor

My neighbor talks about the good and bad times growing up.

Growing up with God and Family

Rev. Lillian Taylor talks about how she grew up living in a house of 13. Life was good though through the help of her mother and her strong belief in God

“I miss my friends the most”

I talked to my grandfather about his past life in Pakistan and his new experiences moving here.