American Dream Interview with Ms. Dedra Thomas

We talked about her views of the American dream. She believes that is very personal and different based on each person. We also spoke about her parents and her views on god and how it has helped her achieve the...

RMC Interview

Journey of Sean’s life. Stories about his journey from the marines to full sail university.

APUSH Final #2

Me and my grandfather discussed his life growing up, along with my dad as a child. Talking about university, marriage, divorce and lifestyle

Austin Hoang: Conversation with Older Brother

My older brother talks about advice he would give people and himself as well as what he’s proud of.

A Conversation with my Aunt, Anne Mayette

The story of my Aunt. Starting from her early life in the Philippines - serving as the student president in her university and facing the hardships of her dad's death during an ambush - to working abroad in St. Kitts...

Interview with Mr. Meehan

Mr Meehan was my 8th grade Social Studies teacher. We talked about his life growing up to making it to where he is today as a teacher.

Katie Willet – MPHS IB Coordinator

We discussed the IB program and how having taught abroad gives a different perspective on the US education system.

Alex Naper- Mom HOTA interview

Asking my mom about her college experience and advice as I move on to college