Performance task

My mothers college experiences. Who were her biggest inspirations and who supported her a lot.

Ben Greene

Partner of 3+ years, all in school, what do we do now? Where have we been and where do we go? … I hope it’s together.


Life and transitions into college from high school

Teens on being an American

Two classmates discuss high school, college, and their views on being an American

Interview with my sister from the Philippines

This is an interview with my sister who in April moved from Philippines to the U.S. She graduated from Santo Tomas University, sorry it’s not nursing school lol

A Talk with Alejandro Garcia

This interview features Alejandro Garcia, a newly graduated student teacher, who discusses his childhood and its influence on his life today.

Aaron Win StoryCorps APUSH 1

Talking about my mother’s life in Burma and Japan before moving to America.

Gabriel Armado

This is my interview with my older sister who immigrated in the U.S after college