Steve Desroches and Brent Daly

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Brent Daly about his work as a stand up comic and the character of Anne Hutchinson he created, inspired by a real historical figure, and the walking tours of Provincetown, Massachusetts he does as her.

Steve Desroches and Julie Wheeler

Steve Desroches (48) talks to Julie Wheeler (58) about her life as a musician, comedian and drag king as well as life in Provincetown, Massachusetts.

Interview with Chris

Talk with my friend for a school project. we made it a bit fun but serious at the same time are sense of humor is a little too much sometimes.

Interviewing Uncle Floyd!

Uncle Floyd has worked in show business for over 4 decades. In this interview, Floyd shares some of his advice and experience in his work over the years.

Job Career
January 13, 2023 App Interview

Talking about her job history. Where and when she worked. Wonder stories.

Ian Pliske and Clinton McGuire

Clinton "Clint" McGuire (55) talks with friend and former University of South Carolina classmate Ian Pilske (47) about how Ian got started studying theatre.