That’s it: Music is Going to be the Thing I’m going to Devote my Life to.

In this interview, on December 15, 2019, in Santa Monica, California, Talia Daghighian (15) discussed with her father, Sam Daghighian (47), about his passion for music. They discuss how music changed him in multiple different ways, from helping him gain...

Denise Gioffredi Interview

Reminiscing on how ones creativity and ability to express yourself has changed over the decades.

Creativity for a Lifetime – Interview with Toni Baugher

In this interview I spoke with a family friend, Toni Baugher, on how creativity has been used throughout her life and was able to capture some of her favorite memories, ideas that she values, and hopes for the remainder of...

Creativity for a Lifetime: Interview with my Grandpa

For my interview I talked with my grandpa all about his childhood and how carpentry has been apart of his life forever and eventually turned into a career.