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The Big Move

My mom moved from Indonesia to the U.S. in 1998 when she was 26. She didn't know very much english but with hard work and determination she learned the language. She now is a fluent english speaker.


It was about how his life was different than he had imagined. Also how his life is living in Vegas

The great listen assignment

We talked about how life was back when my grandma was a child, How she knew my grandpa was the one for her and how her living style was when she was growing up/who she lived with.

Me and My Momma

This is an interview for my mom about things from when i was a baby and things from her past as well

Immigration Interview

We talked about the impact that immigrating had on my mom coming from Mexico to the U.S

Getting to Know My Dad

In San Antonio, Texas on January 9th of 2020, I interviewed Rolando Maldonado, my dad. We talked about how his youth, his hopes for me, and how he’s grown as a person. While also mentioning the more comical things in...