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An interview with my about her experiences of being a doctor in china.

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD

Barry H. Kaplan, MD, PhD, (84) speaks with Sandy Chang, Jeanette Gonzalez and Susan Dicosola on his unusual path to the practice of medical oncology.

Alexis Conway interviewing Dr. Maribeth Knight

Dr. Maribeth Knight has been a practicing doctor for 25 years. She has made a huge impact on those around her and Alexis Conway, daughter, wanted to learn more.

Recording – 10-29-2023 13:44:51
October 29, 2023 App Interview

Interview with my dad 10/29/2023

Alex Clunan and Allie Prescott

[Recorded Thursday, April 27th, 2023] Alex (19) and Allie (31) have a One Small Step conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Alex is a first year undergraduate student at the University of Virginia studying biomedical engineering to pursue medicine. Allie is a...

Doctor Diary’s

Me, Emmaline Holoch, is interviewing my mom, Kristin Holoch a reproductive endocrinologist who works at KU medical center, who will unveil the stories of how she came to be and what she had to sacrifice.

Extra credit the great listen

My grandparent is from Riobamba Ecuador. They are native spanish speakers which is why they have a very strong accent. He grew in Riobamba and later moved to Guayaquil where he settled. Then he had children in the states but...

Peter Lucero & Dr. Doug Wilson

Peter shared with his doctor, Doug Wilson, a little bit about his life and childhood and a recent experience he had involving Dr. Wilson. Peter recently died and came back with CPR and it has had profound affect on his...