Bryan Earl, Micah Earl, and Lemuel Earl

Lemuel Earl (83) is interviewed by his son Bryan Earl (59) and grandson Micah Earl (20) about his childhood, military service, and parenthood.

John Spencer and Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer

Spouses John Spencer (70) and Chiq Teresa Edwards Spencer (70) discuss John being drafted to the Vietnam War, basic training, and his travels across the world.

Virginia Fraire and Jacob Fraire

Virginia Fraire [no age given] and Jacob Fraire [no age given] discuss immigration to the United States, growing up in poverty, and the importance of education. Jacob and his family immigrated from Mexico to the United States, where they were...

Storytelling with my older brother.
June 23, 2022 App Interview

Storytelling Assignment with my brother Jacob as he’s in Germany.

MCM Interviews

I interview my friend of over 20 years, Jessa Wapner. We talk mainly about her childhood memories and lessons. I unlock a memory I forgot I had.

Chloe on Dance, Friendship, and Future
June 7, 2022 App Interview

Chloe, 14, and Clare, 13, have been best friends for over a decade. In this interview, they reflect on their funniest memories, and also their futures.