Christina Lee and Miya Libman

Christina Heyon Lee (50) and her daughter, Miya Libman (19), talk about identity and the recent rise in racial violence toward Asian Americans. They talk about watching Korean shows and using Korean food and music to embrace their Korean heritage.

Dionne Jacques and Hy-Deia Walker

Dionne Jacques (53) shares a conversation with her friend and colleague, Hy-Deia Walker (27), about how they first became friends, their experiences of the coronavirus pandemic, and what led them to found a cooperative organization together.

Covid Stories

This is Lauren Grant Lubin a junior at Wayland High School, Massachusetts, interviewing my classmate Burke on April 27th, 2021. Our goal is to acknowledge an important return to normalcy after 13 months of life during the COVID pandemic. We’re...

Life During the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020

This interview really helped me open up about the past year 2020. That year was a horrible year, and its important that we talk about it so that we can understand more about that year. Living during the pandemic has...

Edie Mueller and Shannon Howell

Edie Mueller (20) interviews her boss, Shannon Howell (43) about life as a K-12 educator during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kate De Sousa and Jamie Welch

Jamie and Kate talk about their experience working in a SNF during the COVID pandemic. Includes stories of vaccinated residents testing positive after exposure by unvaccinated healthcare workers, and a plea for vaccination.

Vivian Garcia and Jasmine Garcha

Colleagues Vivian Garcia (31) and Jasmine Garcha (28) discuss their experiences with death, palliative care, and their role as doctors in helping families when a loved one is sick.

Nikki Stewart and Jerrell Cox

Friends Nikki Stewart (38) and Jerrell Cox (36) share a conversation about new jobs, the Black Lives Matter movement and social justice, and the ways that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their lives.