Mickayla Adams – Mush Final Project
May 23, 2022 App Interview

Interview with Michael Adams about his career in firefighting

Michael Robinson and Andrea Jones

Friends and former colleagues Michael Robinson (63) and Andrea Jones (60) reflect on their time working together at the Tallahassee Fire Department.

Fire Chief Exit Interview

Exit interview on the occasion of the retirement announcement of Fire Chief Doug Eggiman, Midway Fire Rescue. Pawleys Island, Sc

Story Corps Interview

I interviewed my dad about his life as a volunteer firefighter

The Chaplain during the pandemic

Today I speak with police, fire and FBI chaplain about how he got to his position and what his job looks like. We also drift into the spiritual and how it applies to his work.

Truth of a First Responder

Diving into the world of a first responder. Learning the truth, hearing stories, and seeing development from firefighter Deputy Chief Richard Griffin.

“My science is all about sharing.” An Interview with Paula Buchanan

For Paula Buchanan, disaster scientist and emergency management researcher, the whole point of science is to share it with others so that it can benefit everyone. We talked to her about being a “degree collector,” persevering and setting boundaries in...