Growing up with different cultured parents.

Aniah Janae Scott a 16 year old High School Senior. Dabria and Aniah are good friend during high school and until now. Both came from a background of different cultures and households. Here Aniah talks about how her parents childhood...

discoveries with my grandma

This interview is on my grandma Linda! I’m Nayeli, i’m 18 years old, and we’re in Tulsa Oklahoma. We talked about her childhood and all the funny stories she has, her children and grandchildren, and we talked about spiritual moments.❤️

Brian and Clover Dietzen

Clover Dietzen interviews her father, Brian Dietzen, about acting.

Ayanna Woodard – Grey Living Between Black and White

Ayanna Woodard: The interview with Collean Johnson sheds light on racial identity and the struggle of being Biracial in America. The interview is an effort to bring awareness to a culture with no name or identity.

9/18/23 – Mikaila Munoz

In this recording, I interviewed my 14 year old brother. I asked him questions that would allow me to have a better understanding of him as a person.

My wife!

An informal interview with my wife talking about life.

Gene and Joan Dalebroux

On their 65th wedding anniversary, Gene (87) and Joan Dalebroux (85) talk about the joy, adventures, and dangers of farm life in tiny Thiry Daems, Wisconsin. Listen as their daughter Jill talks with them about Belgian traditions, raising a family...

Oral interview-Christian Rosas

Today Christian (14) is talking with their guardian, their mom specifically (Jaquelin) asking questions about her life today and stuff about the world