Rita and Michael Banfield talk about their lives and unlikely meeting story.

Rita del Carmen Velasco Suarez de Banfield is from San Andres de Pillaro, Ecuador and Michael Banfield is from Calumet Michigan. The two talk about their experiences and how they lived, how they met, and what their life is like...

UNIV Interview

A look into my fathers life and accomplishments

March 18, 2019
10 questions for my dad

Pretty random questions for my English assignment

November 30, 2018
English Interview

I interview my grandmother on my moms side of the family. We are really close and she is like my other mother. We talked for 11 minutes about my family and herself. During this interview i learned lots about her...

November 30, 2018
Interview with Kelly Doherty

In this interview my aunt talks about her life, growing up, her family, and herself. She is 52 years old and my aunt on my mother’s side. In this interview I learned a lot about her and my family and...

November 28, 2018
“I’m very proud. America is a great land of opportunities…Anyone who works hard, has dreams will succeed definitely.”

I talked with my dad about some of the things that sometimes I don’t really ask about. I wanted to know more about his childhood in India and what it was like immigrating here. I also really wanted to know...