Kerica Williams and Ronald Wagner

Kerica Williams (47) and her son Ronald Wagner (21) share a conversation about travel, their aspirations for the future, and their relationship.

Kimberly Guthrie and Diane Conner

One Small Step partners Kimberly Guthrie (56) and Diane Conner (60) discuss their hobbies, backgrounds, and how being educators has shaped them.

Lauren and Jonah Interview Charlie Bowman

Charlie Bowman (Jonah Webers Grandpa) was kid during the 60s and he talks about his experience during this time period.

Life of the 60’s in Small Town Indiana

Brenda Skaggs (74 years old) talks about her life throughout the 60’s. Discusses the drug epidemic, music, movies, the Cold War, dating, etc. during the 60’s.

Alondra "Alo" Mendoza and Brianna Cooper

Friends Alondra “Alo” Mendoza (22) and Brianna Cooper (20) talk about their experiences, perspectives, and opinions on COVID-19, social media, concert culture, influencers, the fashion industry, weight, tattoos, and zombie noises.

Interview with my grandmother

Carole Dreger, 80, my grandmother. World War 2. Cold War. Vietnam. Meeting and marrying my grandfather. Teaching. Childhood memories. Fashion and music of the time.