Interview with Mr. Quek

Difference between broadcasting in old days and nowadays

An interview with Film Director .

I'm interview a film director, Chong Keat Aun, who attend to the event of 'Making Wave" held at UTAR Sungai Long.

An Interview from a film director

the experiences of a film director who worked about 8 years.

An interview with Malaysian film director.

An interview with James Lee, a film director who is managing a youtube channel now.

Interview a Taiwan film director

An interviewing between a film director which also is a screenwriter from Taiwan in "making waves" event

Interview with Mr. Quek Shio Chuan

An interview with a festive commercial advertisement film director and also my senior, about the current broadcasting environment.

An interview with director Quek about his experience in the broadcasting field.

Interview director Quek about his experience and his journey in the field, and he is also giving some suggestion for us who want to be a director.

Lien Chien Hung, a Taiwan Independent Director

A conversation with an independent Director who came from Taiwan, about his ten years experiences working in the media an broadcasting industry and his opinion about the changes in this industry with new technologies.