A good friend’s life before knowing me

In this interview, I chatted with my friend about many different aspects of her life. I got to learn more about her in the process. :)

Recording – 03-21-2024 18:02:24

Braelyn Mountain 11 and Adelle Sommer 11. These girls are friends who met at school.

James Gibby

James talks about his life as a high school student during the pandemic and his humanitarian service in Belize

1960 – Loren & Veneta Lesher

Loren (age 94) and Veneta (age 90) Lesher have been married over 70 years. They are sharing stories from their lives together. This interview covers the year 1960, the eighth year of their marriage.

my brother and me

this is an interview with my brother. he is someone I care deeply for and take care of.

Recording – 12-08-2023 16:31:52

This is an interview with my friend Christian, who I'm very close with. Me and him are very similar, but also very different. I hope you enjoy this story!

Gianna Crema and Brianna Schindler

[Recorded Tuesday, September 12, 2023] Gianna (19) from Long Island, New York, and Brianna (20) from the Eastern Shore of Maryland participated in this One Small Step conversation as part of their Public Service Pathways 1-credit UNST course at UVA....

Interview with bestie

Me (17) is having a interview with Connor Partain (17) over simple things in life such as school or hobbies (ignore the fact I put 16 in my interview my brain decided to go BRRBRBRBRBRB). Two autistic fellows interview for...

Thanksgiving Interview With My Uncle
November 24, 2023 App Interview

My name is Emily Ta and I am interviewing my uncle, Rod Faccio. My uncle had a wild childhood and a teacher who deeply inspired him. Through years of experience, he has learned the importance of hard work and perseverance.