My Big Brother

Jerrod Moody, 33, younger brother Brandon Moody, 35, older brother Family, friendship, and honesty.


Nathan Muse and Charles Russel, both 21 year olds, reminisce on some of their past and talk about some of their hopes for the future.

Interview With Aunt

My name is Priscilla Fore, and I interviewed my Aunt Rebecca. I am currently a 21-year old in college, and this interview took place on February 24th, 2023. I asked my Aunt questions about where she grew up, her relationship...

Welcome to America

Miciahya(18) interviews her Shaio (17) from Nigeria who came to America around 6yrs ago.

Doctor Diary’s

Me, Emmaline Holoch, is interviewing my mom, Kristin Holoch a reproductive endocrinologist who works at KU medical center, who will unveil the stories of how she came to be and what she had to sacrifice.

interview with my mom

Here I am Natalie Tartadian interviewing my mother Sandy Tartadian that is 43 years old and talks about some of her accomplishments in life and takes us through her child hood memories!!

We’re doing this for Bonus Points
January 2, 2023 App Interview

Coco Wayne and Stella Vetrovec, both freshman at Collegiate School, answer the promoted questions and giggle.

What was life like for a college student in the 70s

Owen shares multiple stories and memories of what his life was like in college and around the time of living in the 70s.