“Generations of Friends Lead to Life-Long Friendships”

There is nothing more comforting, and kind of scary, than knowing that there is someone out there who knows everything about you. I like to say Jordan was handed to me. With our entire family growing up as best friends,...


This topic is about friends.What we think about friendship.We don't know if our friends talk about us or notWbat does friends means


Today I talked with my best friend Danika. We talked about her family and some emotional things. We talked about her future.

A Father's Love

Kathleen and Mike Dobbyn share stories and thoughts on friendship with Sherwood Regional Library staff. This conversation was a part of the “All Together Now: Share Your Stories” program for the Fairfax County Public Library’s 2023 Summer Reading Adventure for...

Orange You Glad You Did This Amanda?

Interview between Claudia (Miami) and Amanda (Georgia) about their relationship with food and cooking.

Grandparents anniversary

Nancy and Donald share their memories and wisdom of 63 years of marriage.


Interview with one of my best friends, Julia