ISO Christmas Cheer by taking one small step

A short poem to remind us all to try to walk in each other’s shoes

Interview with Easton!

Today with Easton we talked about our friendship and Easton’s favorite topics!

I feel like I have met you before

This interview is private.

How Divorcees Can Still Be Friends Even After Divorce

My parents have been a great model of how you can be friendly after a divorce. I wanted to take a moment to go over his thoughts on how him and my mom are still friendly till this day.

Conversation with Emily

Emily and I discuss some of her memories for my communications class.

Life Lessons with Hoang Lam

Michael McClintock talks with his good friend Hoang Lam about life lessons, and who has been his biggest supporter and what was his happiest moment of his life! What sport did Hoang coach? Lastly, talks about loyalty and honesty.

How the out of high school life is going for my good friend Hunter.

I ask my friend several questions about his college experience and as well as his passion for music

COMM 310 Interview w/ Kylie Manoogian

Interview for Debate and Argumentation with my friend Kylie. Subjects: The pandemic and our friendship