Orange You Glad You Did This Amanda?

Interview between Claudia (Miami) and Amanda (Georgia) about their relationship with food and cooking.

Grandparents anniversary

Nancy and Donald share their memories and wisdom of 63 years of marriage.


Interview with one of my best friends, Julia


I asked my friend aliyah some questions about her personal life to get closer with her

Interview on Emely

Some of the questions asked had to deal with what we are most proudest of and the lessons we learned in life.

Interview with Zoe Pacio
June 9, 2022 App Interview

Me and my longtime friend and neighbor, go over parts of her life that I didn’t know and her perspective on our friendship.

Hunter Ball and Kalvyn Adams, Best friends, percussionists, and general dreamers

Hunter Ball (left) and Kalvyn Adams (right) start things off with an introduction to their recent life as percussionists, as that’s how they grew to be friends and shared their friendship in many different ways, then move to a more...