A Walk Through the Life of Randy Macht

This interview with Randy Macht, conducted by his daughter, takes a walk through his life and experiences. He details his childhood and family life, as well as talking about his gymnastics career and schooling. Mr. Macht tells stories of his...

The Great Thanksgiving Listen – Grandma Barb

Barbara Hilbush, my grandma and mother of three, speaks briefly about her experience growing up in a gender defined era, where it was hard for women to embrace independence and courage.

Redefining the Norm

Clay Stevens was a freshman in high school when he began wearing makeup as a way to express himself and feel more confident. In this interview he explains what sparked his interest, the reaction of those around him, and how...

December 4, 2017
“Who should do what?”

An interview between a mother and daughter about her demographics and then her opinions about gender roles in relationships.

November 12, 2017 App Interview
Grandma Brown-Davis

I interviewed my grandma about childhood and being a women in the 60’s

Take Me On!

This interview is private.

A Woman's Right: The Story It Tells – Victoria of Alamo, Texas

This interview is private.

Sydney Whitehorn interviews 69 year old Janet Blair on her life experiences as a female growing up and now as a senior

This interview is private.