Ryleigh and Heath – 11/29-23

Heath is a 19 year old freshman here at UNL. He talks about his memories as a child and his lived experience as a male with a disability.

Leila Christenbury and Robert Craven

One Small Step partners Leila Christenbury (73) and Robert "Tony" Craven (67) have a conversation about the importance of learning how to learn, their journeys with the church, and teachers unions.

School Dress Codes: Helpful or Harmful to Self-Expression

Mekensie Weinholtz discusses how school-implemented uniform policies/dress codes can affect the outcomes of socialization and self-expression in adolescents. She interviews her sister, Sydney, who gives insight on her own experience within schools that have strictly-enforced uniform policies.

Jaclyn Schwartz and Catherine Hoyt

Friends and coworkers Jaclyn Schwartz (36) and Catherine Hoyt (38) reflect on their experience as women in science, discussing some of the challenges they face as women in their field.

Amanda Garcia and Gratzia Villarroel

Amanda Garcia (31) and Dr. Gratzia Villarroel (61) discuss immigration stories, becoming bilingual in both Spanish and English, and gender roles in the Latino community. The pair also talk about navigating two cultures and their plans to start a charter...

Interview with my grandmother

This interview was conducted as a portion of a project for a class at Cornell College, Modern Men, which focused on German masculinity in the 1920s and modern analogues for trends observed during that time period. I, Luci Bransel (20)...

A Different Era: A Dissection of Masculinity and Gender Roles by the Traditional Man

My name is Connor Foster and I interviewed Timothy Wallace. We have a 26-year age gap, and met through my girlfriend -- his daughter. In our interview we discuss masculinity and how it applies to either gender, gender roles, and...

Growing Up in the 60’s With Mona Coleman

Mona Coleman (grandmother, 72) was interviewed by Adi Coleman (granddaughter, 17) to discuss the life growing up in the 60’s in a small U.S. town. We talk about the trends, the ways, and the styles of this crucial time period...

Tyler Edwards and Lorena Edwards

Spouses, Lorena “Lori” Edwards (43) and Tyler Edwards (41), discuss family dynamics and their experience being in the public eye because of their daughter’s identity.