Chasing Your Goals! Randoll Bellevue With Felene Orleans

Felene Orleans talks about her life from when she was a teen dreaming to become someone, following a path that would allow her to make a change in the world. Advising others to never give up and let discouragement from...

Interview with Adam

We talked about what goals Adam wanted to accomplish. We also talked about his views of me and his family.

Interviewing a close friend

What was talked about was on life, such as goals, memories and many more.

Trail 1

We talked about what was held for her future and how she’s connected with family and how she has goals and she’s been staying on track during this hectic pandemic

Lacey Fager Interview

A personal interview with my wife.

Daughter Interviews Mother About A Variety Of Topics

Sierra (daughter) interviews Becky (mother) in Derry, New Hampshire. They talked about goals and bucket lists. They talked about what Becky is most proud of. They talked about passions, memories and weird circumstances. They also talked about the hardships Becky...