12/01/2023 Sue Presley & Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien

Daughter (Dr. Debbie Presley O’Brien, age 67) interviewing Mother (Sue Gaskin Presley, age 86) about being a working mom in the 1950s and overcoming obstacles to meet her goal of becoming a flight attendant and pilot at a time most...

Woods, Kaylee (Thanksgiving Interview 11/27/23)

Kaylee Woods, 14 talking to Trista Whitehead, 37 and we were talking about role models and goals.

Woods, Kaylee

Kaylee woods, 14 interviews Yusra, 15 about role models and goals.

Recording – 11-20-2023 09:43:54

I interviewed agum she is 14 and she is my friend. The topic we discussed was goals and aspirations for the future. also what her life would look like if she didn’t accomplish these goals.

elmi inaas (peer interview 11/27/23)

my name is inaas elmi and the person I interviewed is Owen Esper. He is 14 and I am also 14. Owen is a current classmate. we discussed our goals and aspirations for the future.

Nelson Isaac peer interview 11/27/23

we talked about his Goals for the future and what motivates him to reach those goals

Reynolds, Brandon (peer interview 11/20/23)

we talked about his future and his goals of how he will get his money. Then what he is gonna do with his money.

Kinlein, Ellie (Peer Interview 11/20/23)

Today I (Ellie, 14) interviewed Billy, 14, my classmate, about his future goals and aspirations.

college succes tcc

interview mom(kassy) about her goals and how she will achieve them