Gib Versus the Rooster

Jack (15) speaks with his grandpa Dave (78) about his life growing up in Southern Illinois with a big family including four brothers.

Conor Marsh (13) and his grandfather, Donald Holden (77), discuss Donald Holden’s childhood in Queens, NY, his love of sports and coaching.

2023-11-29 23:39:02 On November 28, 2023, in Port Jefferson, NY; Conor Marsh (13) interviews his Grandfather, Donald Holden (77). They discuss his childhood in Queens, NY, and his love of basketball and baseball. Donald Holden discusses the famous basketball players...

Papaw and I

I am here today with my papaw on 11/23/23 to talk to him about his life. He’s the sweetest person ever and I love listening to him talk.

interview with grandpa Malek Makvandi

Dante Ghazizadeh, 17 year old, interviews his 77 year-old grandfather, Malek Makvandi. Malek talks about his childhood memories, his parents, his job, and Dante’s mom’s childhood.

Liam King and David King talk about his childhood and career.

In this interview conducted in November 2023 in Chesterton, Indiana, Liam King (15) interviews his grandfather David King (69) about his childhood and career. David talks about some of his time at school and how it led to his career...

interview with papa cande

A 30 minute interview with my grandfather (75 years old) who lives in Mexico while I (13 years old) am in America. We discuss some fun questions and get to know each other better.

My grandfathers story

My grandpas name is Charles Shaw and he is 82. He married my grandma Cleta Shaw. he served in the army and worked in many places.

Interview with my grandma – 11-23-2023 17:36:09

The participants in this interview were Melody Stephan (my grandma) and myself. My grandma’s age is 66 years old and my age is fifteen years old. The relationships that my grandma mentioned in the interview was her relationship with her...

Makayla Gilbert and her Grandfather’s Great Thanksgiving Listen

Interviewing my grandpa after our great Thanksgiving dinner. I learned a lot more about his childhood, his adulthood, and how he met my Grandma.