Interview with Papa

We talked about his life and about his experiences

My Amazing Grandfather

This interview, conducted December 30, 2020 in Tustin, California Brady Steinle (12) interviewed his grandfather, Thomas Roddel (81).I learned so much about my grandpa’s life. I learned about some of his personal experiences, childhood and his accomplishments. He talked about...

Interview With Granny for Po’s Birthday

Me chatting with my Granny, Barb, about her husband, Jack, (my grandad who we called Po) on the day that just so happens to be what would have been his birthday

STORYCorps.Period 4
December 10, 2020 App Interview

Asking an elder about their life from their own perspective

A Graceful Man, Manuel Carrizalez SR.

My Grandpa, is a man who defies his age by doing things that make him feel young at heart. He always radiates with positivity and is a very inspirational role model. His smile is infectious and his essence always brightens...

Interview with Thomas Sowers

Thomas Sowers is the interviewer's grandfather. He is 64 years old and has some pretty funny stories to tell

Mikayla Smith interview with Grandpa Edward Robertson

This was an interview with my wonderful grandpa (81) and we discussed some things about his marriage of 52 years. I wanted to ask someone who has had a long marriage what keeps the marriage together and my grandpa was...

Tito’s interview

My grandpa was a part of the Braceros program in the 1940s and this is just a bit of his story.