Little bit about the Great Depression

Elijah wants to know a about life in the Great Depression. Great Grandmother Arleen tells of her life, family and that life is not all about having money.

Interviewing my Grandpa about his life

James North (16 years) interviews Don North (92) his grandpa im Canton Michigan on Tuesday January 10th of 2023. Don talks about his time as a kid in school his friends and the great depression along with his later years...

The Great Depression

Mrs. Rios shares with us information about how was life before and after the Great Depression according to her past memories.

Anna Albini Thanksgiving 2022

Gioia Fischetti interviewed her Great Grandma Anna Albini who was born in 1925.

Morri’s story

Morri explains his love for his father as well as the education system in milwaukee growing up.

Paul Luke’s story

Paul talks about his experiences with being in the Air Force during the Vietnam war as well as playing professional soccer with them. Near the end begin chatting about presidential scandals.

Marion Hoyt (Grandma 82 yr) and Dan Higgins (Grandson 32 yr) in Grand Central Terminal, 2007 near Christmas.

Marion talks about her life, especially her younger years. A special story about Christmas, stories she would tell me as a kid (about her grandma). Her experiences as a home away from home for West Point Cadets. Grandma was the...

Great Depression

We talked about the Great Depression and how it affected my grandma and her family.