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Lessons from one generation for the next

A high school teacher reflects on how parenting and teaching are similar and how one prepares you for the other, the best memories from her life, and her hopes for the future of her family.

08 December 2019 Uncle Kevin McCracken

I interviewed my uncle and you might hear the distant voice of my father at times

Interview To My Mother by Leandro Garcia

In this interview, I asked my mother from Santa Clara, Cuba about her job as a physical therapy assistant. We also covered some moments of her childhood and lessons she has learned from many experiences.

The Childhood of My Cousin

In this interview, I interviewed my cousin, Jason, on his childhood and his experience with school.

Kat Foster and Marjorie Flemming

I interviewed a resident at the nursing home I work at about her life. *I could not upload a picture of her due to resident protection policies.

"Speak into Existence The Things You Want to Accomplish"

Danielle Sharra, a junior at EHTHS interviews her mom, Jill Stabinski about her ancestors from Poland and what it was like growing up in the 70-80's. Additionally, she discusses what it was like to raise two children and her career...

Great Thanksgiving Listen-Grandpa

I interviewed my grandpa for the Great Thanksgiving Listen. He answered the questions during our morning walk!

Thanksgiving Interview

Sydney and Paige Harris talk on November 30, 2019 in Vestavia Hills, Alabama about growing up and perspectives on life. Paige talks about patriotism and issues within the United States.

Meeting My Grandfather

A description of my Grandmothers start of work and the meeting of my Grandfather. She told me after she met him in July and married him in December!