91 Year Old Woman Remebers Her Lifetime

A grandmother who grew up during WW2 reflects on her marriage to an Air Force pilot and more.

Learning about my families history with my Grandma
September 11, 2020 App Interview

In this interview conducted in Sep 2020, I interview my grandmother about her life and decades of experience. She shares about her childhood memories of playing with her sisters and her highschool issues with a somewhat unhappy relationship with friends...

Esther Kim and Charles Kelly

Esther Kim (38) talks with her stepfather, Charles Kelly (84) about his childhood during World War II, the influence of art, and his unlikely merging with a Korean family -- which has helped him experience the "School of Love".

“Media is an ongoing evolution and whether you like or not, we have to move with it too.”

My father is my best friend. Listening to his perspective about how media has changed in his lifetime has made me look at life and media differently.

A conversation with my Momma

Getting to know my mother a little better with a few in depth questions. Mom age at interview 67, daughter age at interview 36.

Avis Max and Melanie Marsh Baum
July 15, 2020 OSS Hub

Avis Max (73) talks to her One Small Step partner Rev. Melanie Marsh Baum (39) about growing up in all-white communities and how that differed from their individual perspectives.