Growing Up in a Small Town in Iowa

Timothy Juhlin (dad) and Ava Juhlin (his daughter) discuss growing up in a small town in Iowa and how he has changed over the years.

Grandma & Kayla

Nayda (84) and granddaughter Kayla (27) discuss a range of topics.

My grandpas life!

Marlon Kemmer (63) and I (17) talk and have a conversation about his life, my goal throughout this conversation was to get to know my grandpa on a deeper level !

Graduating High School in 2020, Yes During a Pandemic

Allie talks to Gail about how graduation represents recognition for your diligence and signals the end of a significant chapter in life. Graduating during a pandemic was not something that I was expected to have to navigate. Allie discusses such...

Day Bibb and Jacquie Hill

Day Bibb tells her friend Jacquie Hill what it was like to grow up in Portland, survive domestic abuse, and start a skin care company and a non profit. Jacquie discusses her passion for yoga, and how it helped her...

MAG 05-04-2024

Linda (70) interviews Mag (23) about significant historical events in her lifetime.

Culture talk with Omar

Carson(19) and Omar(19) talk about growing up as Mexican in a single parent household

Shannon and Christina

Shannon (52) and Christina (18) discuss God and life growing up.