June 18, 2018 app
Week 3 Assignment

In this interview I asked my boyfriend Kameron who is 28 years old questions about his teenage days. We talked about school, family, and memories.


Talks about mainly her life and personal things

June 8, 2018
Spencer Katzman and Allan Fuks

Allan Fuks is the son of Russian immigrants. He grew up all over the place: in New York City and Northern California, before finally landing in suburban New Jersey. But no matter where he went, the taunting and bullying at...

An Interview With Brandon Tang

I ask Brandon some questions about his life growing up and what he’s learned from his support system.

Abel Naranjo and his sister Abigail Naranjo reflect on life experiences and relationship as siblings

Abel Naranjo and his older sister Abigail Naranjo discuss Abigail’s life as a child and how she has developed into the person she is now. Abigail discusses her life as a child and reflects on people in her life who...

An Interview With My Stepdad

In this interview, I asked my stepdad some questions about lessons that he’s learned growing up and experiences he’s encountered as a young adult.

An Interview With My Mom

I ask my mom a couple questions about the lessons she’s learned and the hardships she’s overcome in her life.

Heather Kellehers childhood

My moms story of growing up in multiple places and fragmented relationships with family.

The story of Tammie Growing up

This recording is of me and my mother discussing her life growing up. As a kid, life in high school, and college. She goes through her favorite subjects and things that motivated her as she became the person she is...

Misty Warner My Mother And Model

Misty Warner, my mother, born December 19, 1976. She lives in as sustainable as she can and despite adversities she is contempt with her life. Mom and I talked about the past, present, and goals for the future along with...