Service Learning Project

Interviewed my 22 year old sister Jackie and discussed topics about growing up, family, and work life .

SOC 310 interview

interview with my mom about her life and childhood.

Within the life of Dr. Kenneth Bolton

A look into the well-known and loved professor, Dr. Kenneth Bolton's life. This interview gives view to a side of Dr. Bolton many may not have known of. It also allows a deeper look into his life growing up from...

Peter Baker and Chris Brookes

Chris Brookes (73) interviews her friend Peter Baker (57) about growing up in Chicago and coming to Lake Ivanhoe, a Black community in southeastern Wisconsin. Peter relates the history of the community from its founding in 1926 up to the...

soc 310 interview

Blaze (22) Angela (21) school life and growing up

Mary Sheila Harmon-Sasso and Mary Harmon-Christian

Mary "Cathy" Harmon-Christian (57) talks with her aunt Mary Sheila Harmon-Sasso (83) about the Harmon family line and their roots in Illinois by way of Ireland.

My Grandpa as a Pastor

Eleazar Guillén is a pasto who is 77 years old and was interviewed by his granddaughter Cristina Guillén who is 18 years old. This story is about how Eleazar grew up in faith and how that had an impact on...

Doctor Diary’s

Me, Emmaline Holoch, is interviewing my mom, Kristin Holoch a reproductive endocrinologist who works at KU medical center, who will unveil the stories of how she came to be and what she had to sacrifice.

Cecilia Cortez and Teresa Franco

Sisters Cecilia “Ceci” Cortez [no age given] and Teresa “Terry” Franco [no age given] discuss their experiences as former students and current educators at Loretto Academy.