Interview with my Mom

I interviewed my Mom about her time in school and what kind of student she was. I also asked her about what she thought of my school experience.

Weruche George and Rae George

Rae George (17) interviews her mother, Weruche George (44), about her high school experience in Nigeria, life advice she has for young people, and the hopes she has for her children.

A mom’s memories of her daughter.

My mom recalling how I was as a baby and child. Unto adulthood.

A look into the life of Grandpa Harry

Growing up, meeting Nancy, Nancy’s death and favorite memories, and life lessons from Grandpa Harry.

Violet Irene Lippard (Irene Gibson) – Matthew’s Nanny

Talked about Irene Gibson’s (my nanny - born 1936) childhood, what it was like for her growing up, and wisdom she’s shared for future generations.

Those sweet or sour memories of our best time

Skylar Shao (19) talks with her friend, Jiayu Chen (19) about their memories of their life as students

Parent interview

We talked about parent hood and growing up