December 14, 2018 app
Parents and Parenting

My dad, Derek Lipman, told me about how he felt about how he’s doing as a parent as well as if he feels he’s raising my brother, Jet, and I, Chase, with the ideals he’d planed to.

December 14, 2018 app
My mom

We talked about growing up, being a parent and the importance of listening to your mother.

December 13, 2018 app

My mom and I just have a sweet talk about her life. She gives me some insight and talks about the paths in her life that lead her to where she is now. Learned a lot of new things about...

December 10, 2018 app
Me and my dad

We talked today about growing up and going through your life. He had his favorite memories of me and wishes.

December 9, 2018 app
GTL 2018/CHS Kayajanian

We talked a lot about his life growing up and what my mom was like.