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This is an interview of me asking my mom different questions about her life and advice from her.

My moms life growing up
December 7, 2020 App Interview

My mom talking about here family and where there from and some of her favorite memories

Talk with my Dad.

I felt like he really opened up to me and I think this is a great way for people to communicate. Especially new people or new couples. I would definitely recommend this to anyone.

Interview with dad

In this interview we have talked about my dad and the obstacles he’s been through. How he overcame those obstacles and how he’s learned from them.

Great expectations

we talked about her past and how she made many fun filled memories with her family. also how she wants me to be successful in life and my children (if i ever have any) to be happy.

Learning more about family everyday

I learned more about my great grandparents even though I was only interviewing my grandfather

Interview with Nicole Perdomo

Interview with my cousin Nicole. Allowed her to tell her story and allowed me to listen and show compassion.

Interview with myself

Telling my best and worst memories and the kindest people in my life