Sally Shapiro interviews Sean Na

Sean is a volunteer with KYCC’s Youth Services, where he tutors students one-on-one with homework help. Born and raised in Seoul, Korea, Sean came to the U.S. in 1999. As a first-generation Korean American businessman, Sean has an office in...

Joan Kim and Her Father, Woo Kim
December 1, 2020 App Interview

Joan Kim (18) talks with her father, Woo Kim (51) about his childhood in South Korea and his life immigrating to North America.

From no media to media the growth of the mass communication content

The story of a man immigrating to the USA and how media and it’s evolution affected his journey along the way.

Don’t let being an outsider stop you from achieving any successful dreams!

An interview with a former immigrant to the U.S., Aya Khattab, who didn’t allow the fact that she was an outsider with little to no experience regarding the American culture, it’s native language, or its general lifestyle, to block her...

Tiffany and Ray

Tiffany (17) talks with her father Ray (55) about his childhood and journey to America.

Interview With Arturo Juarez: The Revolving Door Of The Southern Border (Short Version)

I, Elizabeth Juarez (29), interviewed my dad, Arturo (51), about growing up in Central Mexico and crossing the border to the United States in 1989, 1991, and to this day. We talked about what motivated him to emigrate and risk...

Interview with Abo

We talked about my grandfather's life from when he was in Cuba and came to the United States.