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Spoke with My brother’s boyfriend about his life

Johnny Shouneyia interviews Grandpa Frank Awdish About His Journey from Iraq to The United States of America

In this interview, made on May 8, 2022 in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, Johnny Shouneyia (13) interviews his grandpa Frank Awdish (68) about his journey from Iraq to The USA. His grandpa shares his story about how it was traveling here...

Nora and David interview
May 14, 2022 App Interview

My grandpa’s life was very hard in Taiwan and moving to America. It was also hard making money, and he did not have a lot.

Guatemalan Pride

We are a culture of responsible hard workers. I had to immigrate for opportunities. One day I will return to my home country and the culture I love.

Step Father Interview

A short interview conducted with a hard working man who has raised me since I was 5 and has become a father to me

Jana Basilio

Yolanda Laureta talking about how her life changed after moving to the US. She also talk about her experience in serving in the military

Frank Xu and Hannah Xu

Conducted on April 21st in Santa Monica, California, Frank Xu (51) discusses with Hannah Xu (16) about his immigrant experience in America. He reflects on his experiences and the expectations he held when he first came in 1999.

Elijah Wiseman and Ilse H.

Elijah Wiseman (17) talks with Ilse H. (88) about her life in Hamburg, Germany during the Second World War, living in Westchester as a German immigrant, and her family's experience living here.

An Immigrant’s Story-Loving the Place Where I Came From as Well as My Current Home

An interview between a daughter and her Colombian father telling the story of how he came to live in the US