Testimonio: Mujer de Fe

My grandmother Nydia Olivares (85) speaks to granddaughter Ariana Avellan (16) about how her escape from Nicaraguan poverty and her building a life in the USA have affirmed her faith.

Journey to the United States: Interview with Gulay Goddard

Talia Goddard interviews her mom, Gulay, about her journey from Turkey to the United States. This includes her reasoning behind the move, first impressions of the United States, and more.

From Civil War to the American Dream: My Father's Life Story

Isabella Kedikian (16) talks with her father, Roland Kedikian (53), about his life in Lebanon during the civil war and how he adjusted to life in the US after immigration. He later went on to achieve an education in aerospace...

Sam and Izzy Cai
September 10, 2021 App Interview

Sam Cai (26) talks with his sister, Izzy (16) about coming to America, attending law school, and building a career. 2021-09-10 00:33:04

Interview with my wife, Belen.

Diving into my wife’s reasons for wanting to leave Argentina.

Miguel Rodriguez and Sheila Mastropietro

Sheila Mastropietro (67) interviews her friend Miguel Rodriguez (58) about his experience migrating from Cuba to the United States and building a life in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Mutale Bingley and Margaret Chisanga

Mutale Bingley (40) speaks with her mother, Margaret Chisanga (72), about their lives. Mutale had a dream of being an American at age 12 in Zambia. Today she and her mom are both American citizens.

Interview with my Uncle Bob

This interview is private.