60 Years in the United States

Maria Blanca Inman was born on May 31, 1938, in Rocha, Uruguay. She is currently 85 years old. In this interview, she has a heart-to-heart conversation with her 18-year-old granddaughter, Sara Smith, about her childhood in Uruguay and her future...

Immigrating to the US
February 1, 2024 App Interview

I speak with my mom about her experience coming to the US from Brazil. Heads up, this is in Spanish.

Interview with my mother: Marketa Rosecka

Marie-Anna Das (17) talks with her mother about her life now and in the past. She is an immigrant from the Czech Republic and her name is Marketa Rosecka (48) and has lived here since 2003.

Yaaminii Bhardwaj and Prem Bhardwaj

Yaaminii Bhardwaj (17) talks with her dad, Prem Bhardwaj (47), about his childhood, his career, his experience immigrating to America from India, and his hopes and dreams for Yaaminii.

Interview with my dad

In this interview I discuss with my father his immigration to America from India and how adjusting to American culture has been.

Suna Erdim with Esim Erdim

Suna Erdim (18) speaks with her grandmother, Esim Erdim (79), about growing up in Turkey and her experience teaching American Literature and ESL.

Meet the Walkers

Ruth and Richard Walker both grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Both sides of their families were recent immigrants to the country from Croatia and Poland, as part of the Eastern European mass immigration to the Midwest. After recently celebrating their...

My Grandma Melba’s Migration Story

My grandmas family was born in Mexico and then migrated to Texas to live with other families on a camp. They later migrated to Lamont, California to work in the fields.

My Tia Ruthy

My Tia Ruthy grew up in Lamont California in poverty with a big family. Her father was an immigrant and her mother was born in the United States. Being multiracial in a time that was not common was a unique...

English SPA 2023 – Coming to America

My name is William Seneviratne and I recorded my Father teling me the story of how he came to America.