Interview with Finn

We talked about his teaching career.

Interview With My Mom

My mom (age 44) and I (age 15) talking about my mom’s childhood, how she met my dad, and what impacts were made in her life. My mom talks about the relationships she has with her siblings and my dad....


Karlie Kitchens age 20, Jack Lindquist age 20. In a relationship. I asked about what he would want to pass down to his future grandchildren and how he would want them to remember him.

Julie Haefner: What I Am Learning From Breast Cancer

Healthy and strong, and always getting yearly mammograms, Julie was surprised by a breast cancer diagnosis.

Allora McCullough, Dani Collette, and Kimberly Mayden

Colleagues Kimberly Mayden (28) interviews Allora McCullough (34) and Dani Collette (34) about their journeys as artists, the work they each make, and the impact they hope to make.

Meaningful Conversation between Teacher and Student

Baltazar Calderon Castillo and Ms. Moran have a conversation about their honest thoughts and feelings towards questions asked.

Kathleen Parizek and Connie Greenawald

Kathleen "Kate" Parizek (71) and Connie Greenawald (67) talk about Kate's life before her sickness, the perspective she gained in her recovery, and the pair's friendship through it all.

Triunfando en la Adversidad: La Inspiradora Historia de Yolieny, Inmigrante Profesional en Puerto Rico USA.

Yolieny (44 años), nos narra su travesía migratoria desde la partida de su tierra natal Republica Dominicana, La entrevista con Yolieny, una inmigrante profesional que llega a Puerto Rico territorio de los Estados Unidos, revela sus desafíos al intentar ejercer...

Teacher Impact

Interviewed parents to seek advice for teaching in the future and what their experience has been like.