Tam and the important moments that have shaped her as a woman

“If it was easy anybody would do it.”

I question and speak with my good friend Kianna (19) about her favorite memories, challenges, and overall experience as a body builder. We talked in Lamson Library at Plymouth State University and I learned more about Kianna’s aspirations for her...

An Inspiration

A strong woman and an amazing single mom to two kids sadly passed away, but the support around the two kids lead one of them to become a teacher as a thank you to the teachers that once supported him....

Interview with Perry

I mainly talked to Perry about his relationship with people around him and things that are important to him but I also talked to him a little bit about his childhood.

December 27, 2018 App Interview
A Poet and Her Mother

The making of a poet, her early influences and enduring sources of inspiration. More about Sara at www.scripter.net/about/sara

Yearbook 7th hour Final Interview

I talked to Shelly Zimbelman who is an artist who creates paintings, coasters, leggings, trays, and more! It inspired her to start her own buisness and she talks about the steps it took her to get where she is today....