Delores Phelps on World War II

This interview is for the Oral History Project in HIST 190 with Dr. Sibbel. The interview is conducted by Cael Ormsby (21) with his grandmother Delores Phelps (93) about living in the US during World War II. Please note that...

dad shebeck

Noah shebeck and Neal shebeck Noah age 16 dad age 54 he’s my dad is the relationship and we talked about various topics

Tony Miller Interview

Talking with my father about memories and influences in his life.


We discussed the basic aspects of Colby’s life.

Jeff Severson Talks About The Arrival of AIDS in New York City and his 40 years as an HIV survivor.

Jeff Severson (68) shares how his early years as an actor in NYC coincided with the arrival of the AIDS epidemic. He recounts the loss of two life partners from AIDS and his own HIV positive status. Jeff also talks...

Changing Media w/ Micheal Molla

In this, I interview Micheal Molla on what it was like to grow up as an American in Africa and what it’s like to see how media has changed since the 1970s