Sibling interview

My sister talked about why she liked going to school, why her family is her greatest influence, how she wants people to remember her for her heart and to give wisdom about life to people listening.

Nadia Montoya and Regina Vindel

Nadia Montoya (47) habla con su amiga Regina Vindel (45) sobre su decisión de iniciar un negocio durante una pandemia. Ella comparte su pasión por aprender y hornear, su decisión de ser un modelo positivo para sus hijos y el...

The True Purpose of Education

Three high school seniors of the class of 2020, Charles Bailey, Jordan Dutertre, and Jenessa Teachout, discuss the issues of the current education system and how the education system should approach teaching in new ways. Sources: Cochrane, Allison. “The College...

Coronavirus Discussion With my Dad

In this interview we discussed the coronavirus. We went over the effects, and wats it could have been stopped.