Interview with my mother, the strongest person I know

My mom and I discuss the things that made her who she is, and how our relationship became as strong as it is.

My Lita Interview

I’m on the far left, my mom on second far left, my grandma (lita) right in the center and my nana on the right.

My parents journey as it begin and where it will hopefully lead.

In this interview, I, Oscar Rocha Jr., ask my parents about how they met and their journey together. I then finish off with where they see a future together with all of our family

Interview with Stephanie Torres

This interview contains stories from Stephanie’s life and her past experiences that has helped her grown as a woman.

My beautiful grandmas journey of life

I’ve learned that my grandma and grandpa were really rich before the Cambodian civil war. They were merchants trading fish and owned their own business. During the war the Khmer Rouge took everything from people. They knocked on your door...

Interview with my grandma

We mainly talked about her life during her childhood and in the present time.