The Strongest Woman I Know, My Mom
January 29, 2023 App Interview

This conversation was between Tara Richards, 31 years old, daughter, and Anna Daniels, 64 years old, mother. We talked about my mom’s rough childhood and how it shaped her, past relationships, marriage to my dad, raising 3 kids, how she...

My Mom

My mom's story. From México to the USA.

Authentic Italian Sauce with Tina Sheppard

Tina Sheppard explains how her long line of Italian family has influenced her homemade recipes and has affected her family’ bond.

True Love!

Kristyn Decker, 70, talks with her dear friend Mary Mitchell, 76, about Kristyn’s 15 year romance with her late husband LeRoy “Dub” Decker.

Grandma Fewins

Joan Fewins talking about her family in early Richmond CA, a little about WW 2

Laura Justak

Austin interviewed Laura Justak on January 20th 2023

great thanksgiving listen

Talked about religion. Talked about family. Talked about achievements.