We had the perfect son, then we had Grant.
November 28, 2022 App Interview

Annie Burlingame (14) interviews her grandparents, Kaye Burlingame (76) and Clark Burlingame (76), about war and how sometimes global issues make tough decisions for you. They also expand on what its like to be parents and how family had changed...

Fathers Service

We talked about my fathers experience while being enlisted in the marines.

Bryon Kelly and a story of his life.

In this interview that was conducted on in May 2022, I (Michael Kelly) interview my father(Bryon Kelly) about his childhood and current life. Bryon shares his early childhood experiences about growing up in Glendora. He then transitions into how serving...

Interview with Sgt. LaFerr

We talked about his younger days and what he was like before the marines. We also talk about his time in the Marine Corps and what it has taught him

Grandpa John “Jack” Hauser sharing some stories about his life and time spent in the service

My Grandfather, John “Jack” Hauser answering some of my questions and sharing stories of his own. The stories are all about his life and adventures during his time in the service.

scott morrow interview

In interviewing my dad, I learned many new things that I had not had the chance to discuss with him thus far in my life. First, I learned that he was born in Lima, OH…you know, like Glee. I also...

Interview with grandpa

I talk to my grandpa about his time in the marine core.