Celina Zheng asking her mother, May Hu, questions about her childhood, family, and traditions
January 21, 2022 App Interview

In this interview, made in January 2022 in Millbrae, California, Celina Zheng (15) interviews her mom, May Hu (52) about her childhood in China. Ms. Hu shares stories about her childhood neighborhood, building a family, and the events of her...

30 minutes talking about life

I asked about food and bad childhood memories, mostly good and pretty specific types of things like pet and family experiences. We also talked about going through school and making friends, as well as jobs and desires. This led to...

Hopes and Memories

Rex Rivers (Baehr) and William Trego Vance, Junior (Curadh) talk about their hopes and memories.

“It’s always been the two of us”

John Scott (77) and his wife Marilynn Scott (83) talk about their exciting life together. Mr. Scott speaks fondly about his career working for AT&T and remembers memories from when he was in the navy.

Remembering Mom

A year after his wife’s passing a father tells his daughter about the tremendous influence his wife had on him during during their 58 years of marriage.

Interview with my Nana

My Nana and I conduct and interview based on the past and present. We talk about marriage, childhood and family. We are both very close, and so doing this interview means a lot to the both of us, since we...

interview with Mrs. Causevic

what really touched me was her cousin Meg that passed recently caused to cancer .

Grandma galow

Talked about my dad as a kid, school/nursing, school, and her life with grandpa.