True Love

Kristyn Decker, 70, talks with her friend Mary Mitchell, 76, about Kristyn’s 15 year romance with her late husband LeRoy “Dub” Decker.

Mom and Dad’s Love Story

Richard Deditius and Lori Larsen Deditius were interviewed about their first meeting as students at Pacific University, the assassination of JFK and their eventual marriage and move to Wyoming and their move to the Northwest Territories in Canada, where they...

Interiew with Norma Van Dorn
January 13, 2023 App Interview

The interview details important events from 55 year old Norma Van Dorn’s life growing up in Ohio during the 1970s. It also details her schooling and marriage to Danny Van Dorn.

Sarah Justus and Rosa Benedicto

Sarah Justus (24) interviews her grandmother Rosa Benedicto (77) about Rosa's immigration from Ciuadad Juarez, Mexico to Chicago, Illinois. Rosa would eventually settle in El Paso, Texas. The pair also discuss Rosa's marriage and love story with her late husband.

interviewing Bob and Carrol Pearson

Bob and Carrol Pearson describe how they met in Ghana in 1963 and their ensuing relationship, marriage, and 17 years living in Ghana. They are asked questions by their son Talima, his wife Kristen, and their grandchildren Malaku, Adey, and...

Murray & Carol Mills: Thoughts on 62 years of marriage.
December 26, 2022 App Interview

Candace Unger talks with her grandparents, Murray & Carol Mills, in 2019 about how they started life together over 62 years prior.

Gabriela Cadena and Donaciano Cantu

Life partners Gabriela Cadena [no age given] and Donaciano Cantu (48) discuss their relationship and the travels they have taken together. They also discuss their plans for the future, including getting married in 2023.

Interview Between Jennifer Brock née Bittick and Jordan Brock on The Changes in Weddings Over a Thirty Year Span of Time
December 14, 2022 App Interview

a discussion between Jennifer Brock(49) and Jordan Brock(18) about the changes in wedding traditions between 1992 when Jennifer was married and 2022 when Jaycee Grissen(22), Jennifer’s daughter, and Jordan’s sister, was married.