Nira Pittman: Mom and Daughter Interview

This was an interview between myself and my mother and we discussed the matters of life, God, family, and love.

December 11, 2018 App Interview
Caroline Huckaby interviews her mother Ana Maria about her childhood and faith.

Interview done on December 4th,2018 in Chicago,IL. Ana Maria (54)talks about her spirituality a lot and the influence it’s had on her life. She shares stories that truly make you think about lifes experiences. She also, briefly talks about her...

Life lessons 11/26/18

We talk of her past experiences and hopes for her children’s future.

Life of A Humble Man

My dad talked about how he is grateful for the life he has been given. My dad mentions how he doesn’t take the life god gave him for granted.

Young Erangey

Young Erangey, my grandma, has always kept her faith in God. She discusses her love for her parents and how it was like falling in love in Korea. She also talks about her two daughters and the hopes she has...

Jaedin Calanche project “The listen”

This is the interview of my grandma speaking about her life and things she is proud of

November 22, 2018 App Interview
The great thanksgiving listen – Emory DPT 2021

In this interview we discussed my grandmothers experiences in life as well as her perspective on various personal topics that have influenced her family and mentality.

Emma Elerick and her grandma Linda Hale talk about life and God

In this interview, conducted in November 2018 in Fort Worth, Texas, Emma Elerick (19) interviews her grandma Linda Hale (78) about her childhood growing up and about her past. Linda Hale talks about her favorite family holidays and why they...

Discussion of The Sacrament of Marriage with Coco

Discussion of marriage and background behind the Sacrament in my grandmother’s life.

Interview about Abita

We spoke about her past, advice, and everything important to her. We had an in depth conversation about her past, her parents, and those important to her.