Caroline Young interview

This is an interview about my mom. Her work life, love life, family life etc.

Grandma Chats About Life

Alice Moore talks about being a lamaze instructor, her upbringing in the Austin area, her musical background, her dear brother, and her family, with her college age granddaughter.

My favorite person

I asked my grandma a multitude of questions and she told me about her life growing up, her regrets and everything in between

Great Thanksgiving Listen

My mom discussed what growing up in a socialist country was like, her education, marriage, children, and memories she remembers.

Katie and her father Chad talk about life and it’s ups and downs. Part 1.

In this interview, we talked about my dads service in the military, why some people should join, and the good about it. We also talked about life, marriage, and the miracle of birth. Lastly, we talked about everything to enjoy...