Interview with my older sister Anne!

In the interview, I Julia Jazrawi(12) interviewed my sister, Anne Jazrawi (15), about her middle school life. She shares her struggles and memories from middle school

Ayah Aburashed Interviews Shane Buchzeiger About Her Middle School Life *practice*

In this interview, conducted on April 21st 2022 in Bloomfield Hills Michigan, Ayah Aburashed (13) interviews Shane Buchzeiger (13) about her life growing up. She shares about her favorite friends, teachers, and feelings throughout her school life.

Deborah Potter and Winona Bonnlander

Deborah Potter (52) shares a conversation with her daughter, Winona Bonnlander (23), about neurodivergence, Winona’s experiences in the school system, trauma, and about some of the people who were kind to Winona during that time.

Interview with Dad

Kid interviews dad as a school project