Colette McEachin and Lindsay Meredith

One Small Step partners Colette McEachin (68) and Lindsay Meredith (33) sit down for a conversation about pro-life values, "do no harm" values, faith, and grief.

Patrick Tyrrell and Charlotte Hammond

One Small Step conversation partners Patrick Tyrrell (20) and Charlotte Hammond (18) find many commonalities and differences in their life experiences, general attitudes towards life and dreams of the future. They discuss religion, their parents, abortion and sex ed, and...

Military Voices – An Interview with Peggy Quast, the wife of a retired Navy Admiral and mother of two Naval Officers

This recording is unique in that it interviews the spouse of a 36 year Navy veteran, a retired Navy Admiral and Vietnam War veteran who is also the mother of two former Naval Officers and the daughter-in-law of another career...

uncle scott’s military service – 11-28-2023
November 29, 2023 App Interview

This is an interview with my uncle Scott where we discussed certain memories from his military experiences.

MY Oma

Me (trevor martin)(17) interviewed my grandma (Janis hunsberger)(67). i wanted to interview my grandma because i don’t really know much about where and how she grew up. we discussed what caused them to move to alaska, how her and my...

the Great Thanksgiving Listen – Isaac Peebles

An interview between my mother, Tiffany, and I, Isaac Peebles. We discussed my mother’s childhood experiences, military service, and our relationship together.

Great Thanksgiving Listen – Chloé Brunner and her Mom, Jane Wilson (11-26-2023)

This interview was recorded on November 26, 2023 in Flemington NJ. Chloé Brunner interviews her mom, Jane Wilson, about her life growing up and her childhood. Jane Wilson talks about what it was like to live on a military base...

James Ellis and Bernadette Jackson-Small

Jim Ellis (74) talks to his friend Bernadette Jackson-Small (69) about their shared project of identifying unmarked graves of deceased African Americans in different cemeteries around Mobile. Dr. Small also discusses her family's history in the city and memories she...