Campbell Strecker and Barbara Richter

Campbell Strecker interviews her grandmother, Barbara (69) about Vietnam War and her life in the 1960s and 1970s.

Jenna Rosebrough and Maria Efanova

Suzanne Armstrong (74) discusses her life in the sixties, talking with her granddaughter and friend about Vietnam, Martin Luther King Jr., and general life during the time.

Phyllis Smith & Laura Smith

Phyllis and her daughter Laura discussed the birth of Berkeley, Phyllis' son born in the late 70s, and how they were informed about his diagnosis of Down syndrome. In their conversation, they mentioned that one doctor advised against pursuing surgery...

Arden Luthy and Hewan Kasie

[Recorded Monday, February 19, 2024] UVA students Arden Luthy (19) and Hewan Kasie (19) recorded a One Small Step conversation as part of their course 'Democracy and Public Service.' Some of the major themes that they explored in their conversation...