Blind Date Romance

Almost 50 years as spouses, Marianna (78) and Bill Roberts (76) share the story of how they met on a blind date in 1972. They got married two and a half years later after only spending about 7 weeks together...

Stories of the National Guard and Navy.

interviewing my step dad on his time in the us military. Asking him to tell different stories and about friends he has made.

Interview of Radford Tidwell, Upbringing & Childhood

Radford Tidwell, born October 10, 1933 on a farm in rural Alabama. Interviewed by his son Ken Tidwell on February 6, 2023. This is the story of his upbringing and military service.

William Alexion

an interview with William Alexion a ww2 navy electrical technician working primarily on sonar/ radar systems. his destroyer was hit by a kamikaze.

Linda Love Mesler and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Linda Love Mesler, whose family has roots in rural Iowa for hundreds of years, talks about her global childhood, from New York to Cambodia. After becoming a technology lawyer, she settled in Andover and is...

Interviewing my Grandpa about his life

James North (16 years) interviews Don North (92) his grandpa im Canton Michigan on Tuesday January 10th of 2023. Don talks about his time as a kid in school his friends and the great depression along with his later years...

Bill Thodes Story

My name is Emma Viehweger and I interviewed my grandfather Bill Thode. My grandpa is 75 years and we discussed his life as a child and how different events that occurred in his life shaped who he is today.

First interview with my mom talking about growing up in the navy
December 22, 2022 App Interview

Nancy Holst, age 84, interviewed by Stephen Holst, her youngest son, age 47. Mom talked about growing up and traveling around the world in the navy because her father, Walter, was a chaplain.

Patrick Butler and Nancy Duling

Patrick Butler (71) and One Small Step partner Nancy Duling (60) discuss Patrick's military service during the Vietnam War and their reluctance to express their political views in the current divisive climate.