Jeff and Greg Great Thanksgiving Listen

We talked about elections, vacations, and childhood.

Papa Codella – Jordan Codella interviewing Frank Codella

We talk about his time in the Navy, his family, and his time with his children.

HM1 Junior Perez

This interview takes a peak into the life of a Bronx sailor born and raised, and his journey through the United States Navy.

The Coal Miner’s Son: A story from Scranton, PA in the 1930s

The son of a coal miner in Pennsylvania tells about life in the 1930s. Living off one ton of coal a year, wearing patched up socks, and helping dad with collecting coal in buckets.

December 17, 2018 App Interview
James Pfeifle Interview

I interview James Pfeifle about his life

My Mom’s Story on the Navy and the Intelligence Community

My mom was an navy intelligence officer for 3 years and then left the navy to work for NCIS as a civilian intelligence analyst.

Part One of my Mom’s Story

Part one of my mom’s time in the military , see part 2 for a full summary