My dads story

The story of my father and how he was successful even how hard life may be he still did his part.

DE English Interview

An interview of my dad and his time in the navy

psychology 230

I interviewed my 95 year old grandpa about some things from his past!

Trista Paris and her father Lester Paris talk about his military experience

This interview was taken place in the master bedroom at my house. It was recorded on December 1st, 2020. We discussed what happened in his life during the military and if he was prepared or not. We also discussed how...

Pop-pop in high school and the Navy

I asked my grandfathers questions to learn about the time he was at Nativity BVM high school and the time he was in the Navy.

Me and Dad 2020

Dad, Cliff Rose, and I, Vivian Rose, talk about his life and the impactful people he has met.


Aruna Patil (68) talks with her son, Akshay (39) about her parents, growing up in various cities (Mumbai, New Delhi, Wellington) in India, and attending medical school.

Interview with a veteran who is my brother

Talking with my brother who was in the Navy and left in the middle of a pandemic

English 4 Interview

An interview with the absolute best mother and how she came to be herself today.