Grandma Beth on life in Cornwall

Precious time with my 92 year old grandma reflecting on life in Cornwall and London with family spread around the world. Maintaining and growing strong connections

My Grandma's Life as a Teacher/Parent

Today Micha Garrett (18) began the interview with my grandma Pamela Bell (71) and she told me a bunch of stuff that I don't know about.

Patricia Bridget Weisman

Mom (Mimi to Autumn) was in town to help us move back into our house after a long restoration following a tree falling on our house. On Mom's last night in town we recorded this as we sat and talked...

Josh Hartt and Madeline Doane

Madeline Doane (24) discusses with their One Small Step partner, Josh Hartt [no age given], their varying views on gun control, ICE, political parties and more.

Yung Nanay ko at Yung Nanay nya (My mom and her 'mom')

My mom's life growing up without her parents and being raised by her grandmother in the Philippines and how life was for her and her sister.

Leslie Hutchison and Barry Ross

Leslie Hutchison (63) and boyfriend, Barry Ross (69), share personal stories and family memories. Barry talks about his parents during World War II. Leslie talks about growing up in Brigham City, Utah, and her affinity for art museums.

Father Interview

Shortened version of my previous interview. Asking my father about my childhood