Mom and Me

I (Aphrodite, 15), talk with my mom (Lela, 44) about her life.

StoryCorps interview with Declan Dresser

Declan wants to go to MIT and become a successful lawyer or robotics engineer. Declan is also a very successful martial artist who has recently gotten his black belt. Declan's dad works to find places to shoot movies at. This...

My Moms life
August 15, 2022 App Interview

Monica San Miguel, 40 years old and there my mom. I asked my mom questions on how she was growing up.

Grumpy's Childhood and On..
August 5, 2022 App Interview

My name is Natasha Davis and I am interviewing Ronnie Davis aka Grumpy my father-in-law. I am 36 years old and he is 76 years old. we discussed his childhood, parent and grandparent history and some experiences as a parent.

Mary Alicia (Lawler) McRae and Talleri Adkins McRae

Mother and daughter Mary Alicia (age 79) and Talleri (age 42) discuss Mary Alicia’s favorite people, fondest memories and proudest moments.

American Dream Interview with Ms. Dedra Thomas

We talked about her views of the American dream. She believes that is very personal and different based on each person. We also spoke about her parents and her views on god and how it has helped her achieve the...

Suhaan and his dad talk about dad’s experience’s

My dad and I talked about his early childhood memories and who were some of the greatest inspirations to him. We also talked about school and good and bad influences.

Love, Dad and Mom

An interview with my parents, Jeremy and Lizel Julio, where I learn more about their life and background.