history interview – km

My mother and I talked about what I acted like as a younger child, our late relatives, and specific memories she has from when she was my age.

Memories with Monie

This is about all the memories that I have learned from my grandma Monie!

Ashley Davidson & Robert DeVasto

A grandfather/ guardian and his granddaughter talk about growing up and relatives.

William DeFreese (17) and his grandfather, Don DeFeese, (79) talk about the unique life William’s grandfather has lived and US history.

William DeFreese interviews his grandfather, Don DeFreese, who grew up on a farm in Florida and worked at a paper mill as his profession. William conducted the interview in Calera, Alabama, on November 22, 2018. Don DeFreese recalls his childhood,...

Jessie V Interview for ASC 112

Jessie’s journey to calvin and her goals in college.


I interviewed my brother Henry Wilson about many topics regarding his life up until today. He answered most honestly!

Great Thanksgivin Listen

We had a great time and it is super interesting to listen to stories that happened up to 70 years ago. You get to know things about a person you’ve never thought about.