An Interview with my Sister

Me and my sister, Xuan (22), discuss her life, her passions, and advice that she would give to me.

Growing Up in a Small Town in Iowa

Timothy Juhlin (dad) and Ava Juhlin (his daughter) discuss growing up in a small town in Iowa and how he has changed over the years.

One of the Banks Twins

Barbara Creighton, agr 78, Laura Lane Taylor 56 discussing Barbara's memories of her twin and Laura's Mother Beverly A Lane. The twins did everything together.

Private school vs Homeschool/Dual Enrollment

I, Annalee Adams (18), discuss with Harris Adams (15) about our different schooling experiences. How Lee Scott Academy differs from homeschooling and dual enrollment.

StoryCorpsService Learning Presentation – A.G

Siblings Ailany (18) and Juan (23) discuss life and hopes for the future.