Mom, 06-08-2023

A deep conversation with my mom about life.

Tanyia Moore and Tyler Kraft

[Recorded: Friday, April 28, 2023] Tanyia (57) and Tyler (34) have a One Small Step Conversation in Charlottesville, Virginia. Tanyia is an Assistant Manager for Zone Operations for Facilities Management Housing Custodial at the University of Virginia and Tyler is...

interviewing my sister

it was for a project and just to spend some time together

Growing up in the 50-60s

my grandma (76) Karen Holliday tells me about her childhood on a farm and growing up in the early to mid 1900s

What gives life meaning in a sibling relationship

The interviewer’s name is Sydney Payne,age 21, the interviewee’s name is Daniel Vermillion, age 22. The relationship between the two is that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. The topic that was discussed is about siblings and the relationship the individual...

Interview with My Brother

Gabriel Alonzo (18 years old) interviews his older brother Andre (22 years old). They speak about his life this far and the important life lessons he has learned and what the future holds for him.

interview with my Sister

Today I am interviewing my sister Kensie Hulsey, she just turned 21, and we are just talking about the fundamentals of life.

Joe Cool

Katie Moore’s interview project

Genevieve Mitchell and James Chavez

Siblings Genevieve Chavez Mitchell (66) and James "Jim" Martin Chavez (64) come together to share memories of their grandparents on the Chavez and Tafoya sides of their family, as well as memories they have from growing up.