Diana Schwartz Interview

I have a conversation with my sister about her life. Her challenges and accomplishments have helped sculpt me, and I wanted to understand her better.

Manny, 16

A glimps in the life of a 16 year old boy living in Los Angels California. From when he was raised, to his message to future generations.

Interview with Alicen Simpson

I interview my younger sister about her life and some of her memories/inspiration she has experienced throughout the years

Robert Edgin life stories, age 43

At the end, you hear me say it stopped (because the screen said so!) yet it recorded 10 more minutes of us talking, unknowingly. Don’t mind us! 🙂

Memories with Doris Pt. 2

Talking with Doris (93 years old) about memories from the 1930s and 1940s including what Christmas was like in her home when she was little, her childhood home, her first job in a radio crystal factory during WWII, and a...

My Brother is Basically a Criminal | Story Corps Project

This is my brother’s story on how he and his friends almost got into some serious trouble during their senior year of high school because of something dumb.