Shayna Sessler and Lonnie Sessler

Shayna Sessler (45) interviews her father, Lonnie Sessler (72), about his early childhood and family, his decision to attend medical school, as well as the opportunity he had to live in Scotland.

Emma and Dane Pavelek

Emma and Dane discussing the effects of Emma going off to college. how is Emma going to handle the Naval Academy and basic training?

Interviewing my grandmother

This was an interview on my grandmother and questions on her life.

Kasi and Melanie bonding

Kasi and Melanie talk about themselves and how life is. Kasi asks Melanie about herself to get to know her further and they talk about experiences. They share thoughts and opinions about things.

8 siblings?

I interviewed Allison Zigelbaum about how her growing up in a family with 9 children affected her parenting style as an adult.