Ennio Garcia-Miera and Naomi Love

Naomi Love (27) interviews Ennio Garcia-Miera [no age given] about his identity and experience as a Latino, his New Mexican roots, and his 1519 project, which reflects on when Hernán Cortés came to North America.

Storytelling Assignment

Erin Anderson (21) Jennifer Anderson (45)- mother We went over my moms memories. In this interview we also discussed regrets, memory, life, and got emotional.

Storytelling Assignment

The participant included in the interview is Misty Dennison. Misty Dennison is 43 years old and is my mother. We discussed many topics over her past life and plans for the future.

Nicolette Nordin Heavey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Nicolette Nordin Heavey was born Detroit, but spent the majority of her childhood in Belgium and England. After attending college in America, she moved to Andover to raise her family. Wanting to help contribute to...

Harold Lewis and Matthew Knox

Harold Lewis (61) and One Small Step partners Matthew "Scott" Knox (48) share stories about their different lived experiences as a Black man growing up in the segregated South and a gay man growing up in the Northeast.

Oklahoma kid storytelling

My 86 yr old Dad recounts storytelling as entertainment, & our family’s oldest story plus a bit of alcohol & guns!

Rachel Delgado and Cynthia Rodriguez-Martinez

Friends and colleagues Rachel Delgado (73) and Cynthia "Cindy" Rodriguez-Martinez (70) talk about Seniors In Play, storytelling, their passions, their upbringings, and their childhood memories in San Antonio, Texas.

Interview with my Mom: Susana Ortega talks about her upbringing in the U.S. after her family moved from Mexico.

Valerie Arriola (23) interviews her mother Susana Ortega (49) about her life growing up in the San Fernando Valley after migrating to the US when she was a baby. Susana speaks on family, education, immigration, citizenship and motherhood and the...

Sumiko Hatakeyama

Peace Boat staff Sumiko Hatakeyama shares the story of how meeting nuclear bomb survivors at the age of 19 started her peacebuilding journey. She also provides advice for aspiring peace builders, and encourages everyone to meet people in person and...