The Mind of a Second Year College Student

Today, we got to know a bit about Emmanuel and his experience throughout his first year of college. He tells us a bit about his experience and some of the things he believes we should know.

Daily Life of a Highschool Crisis Counselor

This interview is basically about my girlfriend explaining to me about her current work and her career path in Psychology. She explains her daily work as and highschool crisis counselor and the different issues she faces and the different coping...

Travis Tavana’s Practice Interview Assignment

In this test recording, Travis Tavana, a student at the University of Eastern Michigan, located in Ypsilanti, MI, recorded a practice recording to prepare for his upcoming interview in June of 2023. Travis is a dual-majoring student of criminology and...

My life as a student and worker

Gustavo Eduardo, 23 years old. The problem of managing school and work schedules well.

Ms. Mendoza’s affect on her students

I learned that Ms. Mendoza got here inspiration to go into the educational field because she started off as a Sunday School teacher and that’s when she found her passion for wanting to help others. I learned that she first...

Maria DeNovio and Cory [No Name Given]

One Small Step partners Maria DeNovio (40) and Cory [No Name Given] (32) have a conversation where they exchange lived experiences and share moments in their careers that shaped their perspectives.

Interviewing my Chemistry Teacher

In this interview, I ask my Chemistry teacher several questions about her experiences as a teacher, and a couple about her general life experiences.

Mrs. Harp and Me

Mrs. Harp is the teacher who helped me transition from a small town school to a big city school in the middle of the year. She was the person to advocate for me and definitely a friend through it.

Test Anxiety Research Project
March 29, 2023 App Interview

Student Hunter and Professor Hillary talk about Hunter’s Senior Honors Project research on test anxiety in college students. Hunter incorporates clips from his focus groups with student participants.