Roger Drong

This interview was recorded at Friendship Village in Kalamazoo

Rashon and Matthew discuss his career as a teacher. " How do you want your student's to remember you?"

This is an interview given to a high school classmate of mine that is a fourth grade teacher in Brooklyn New York.

Natalie Munoz and her teacher, Ms. Nanay, talk about life

Natalie interviews her teacher, Ms.Nanay about her life experiences. She talks about her relationship with her mom and shares her hopes for Natalie as a student

Sept 11 interview with my Grandmother

Carleen Black was teaching high school when the 9/11 attack happened. She remembered, “It was like a pin dropped”.

Study of fiction

We talked about her career & up bringing.

Study of fiction

Conversation with my sister about our past and future.

Interviewing a teacher

An interview with my mother, who was an educator for 30+ years