Patricia Szabo & Charlene Boyd

Patricia shares stories about her time at The Mount. She started as a teacher in the intergenerational daycare and ended her career as director of special events where she oversaw the O'Christmas tree events She also talks about the time...

Sr. Charlene Hudon & Molly Swain

Sister Charlene talks about resisting the call to be a sister and finding joy in the work. She has been a Sister since 1957 and began her work with The Mount in 1978. She shared many stories of her time...

Seema Gupte and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Seema Gupte, born and raised in India, talks about her childhood living between her family’s farm and in the city. After immigrating to America, she adjusted to the many cultural differences. Once she moved to...

Mrs. Everson

I interviewed my art teacher Mrs. Everson.

Lisa Hamilton-Rajaram and Krishna Rajaram

Spouses Lisa Hamilton-Rajaram (33) and Krishna Rajaram (33) speak about how they met, their careers, their marriage, and what it means to be living and starting a family in Decatur, Georgia.

Momkat [No Name Given] and Everett Saucedo

Momkat [No Name Given] (81) speaks with her son, Everett Saucedo (48), about her childhood memories and family history.

Professional Jazz Drummer

In January 2023 Will Thompson (16) interviewed his drum teacher, Dave Mohn (74) in New Hope, PA about his professional music career as a drummer in a Jazz Band. Dave was born on October 20th, 1948, and grew up in...