Ms. Segal Interview

Key moments of her life and what she would like to be remembered as.

A New York Way

Goldy grew up in a sheltered Jewish Community in New York that immensely shaped the way she is.At 4:45 in the recording that was taken December 18th 2019 , Goldy talked about how her dad who died was really an...

My mom’s memories getting rewinded!!!!

I never knew something’s what my mom told. I am happy that I did this interview that made me to know about my mom.

The Thanksgiving Listen- interviewing my Uncle Jim

Today, Dec 15th, 2019, I interviewed my Uncle Jim from Greenville, SC. He is married to Amy Garland and has two kids- Abbey and Jake Garland. I spend a lot of time with him but realized that I did not...

Sam Henry and his mother Leigh Henry discuss her experiences as a young teacher in Florida.

On January 4, 2020, Sam Henry (15) interviewed his mother Leigh Henry (44) about her first year living on her own teaching at a high school in Tallahassee, Florida. Mrs. Henry speaks about what she did directly out of college...

Reconnecting with My Sixth-Grade English Teacher

I interview my sixth-grade English teacher, Mrs. Judy Gothelf, whom I met in the 2012–2013 school year. We discuss teaching, prejudice, Living Lessons, and other topics. Due to privacy concerns, the interviewee has requested that no picture be uploaded to...

Mrs. Smith aka Mom

Interviewing my mom and my junior high history teacher about her career.

Today with Telschow

I will never forget this teacher, he is the best