Kennedy Miller and Scott Miller talk about his army experience and his career life.

Kennedy Miller(15) and her father Scott Miller(40) talked about Scott's past and what he used to do. We started off talking about his army life and how he was an army truck driver outside of high school. He traveled to...

John Harris Hocutt and his grandmother Barbara Winstead talk about her life experiences from her childhood and her job.

In this interview I’m Vestavia Hills, AL on November 24, 2023, John Harris Hocutt (17) interviews his grandmother Barbara Winstead (73). He asks about aspects of her childhood, her job, and some of her relatives. Towards the end of the...

An Amazing Interview With My Mom,Grandma and Aunt!

The interviewer, Autumn Pickarski(17). Interviews with their 3 family members. Joni Simon(Grandmother,65),Christy Hiatt(Aunt,39) and Elisa Hiatt(Mother,42). They discuss topics about how they grew up,what school was like for them,ancestry etc. They share their stories and thoughts throughout the interview.

Thanksgiving interview

my dad was apart of this interview because I feel like since he’s been here for a long time he’s know most about me.

James William Spencer 4th

I interview my boi james, also known as jimmy also known as heisinberg

Henry’s Thanksgiving Interviews

On thanksgiving this year I set out with the goal of interviewing my family members about my recently passed grandmother, and instead ended up with an interesting history of my family given by my great aunt.