Great Thanksgiving Listen

Elizabeth Lewis interviews her dad about his Thanksgiving experience. He talks about his thanksgivings as a kid, favorite tradition, favorite food, and what he misses that we no longer do.

Wedding Cakes for a Funeral

Amy Finley and Casey Ryan relive what it was like preparing and after their beloved mothers death.

The Seventh Sibling

The Dibos/Finley family grew up with 6 siblings and with one of the most beloved teachers as their mother. Amy Finley and Casey Ryan reminisce on what is was like to grow up in that house and meeting secret first...

Recording – 11-30-2023 19:15:01

the great thanksgiving listening project. the interviewer Isabella Ramos. interviewed Janet Ramos

Elena Serrano and her mother, Monica Serrano, talking about Monicas childhood.

My name is Elena Serrano, I'm 15 and I interviewed my mom, Monica Serrano, who is 45. We discussed topics about her childhood. Such as, what she wanted to be when she was younger to the worst trouble she ever...

Jack Middleton Interviews His Mother About Her Childhood and Family History

Jack Middleton (16) interviews his mother, Kimberly Pearish (50) about her childhood and growing up around rural Missouri and how she lived when most areas around her were cut off, and her transition to the city life in Joplin. She...