interview with aunt Margaret

This is a interview with my auntie Margaret and we talked about how she lives some life and how she does her work. Thanks again aunt Margaret!

Personal & Educational Experiences of Foreign Exchange Student

Today, Ethan Puhalsky will interview his close friend Melina Christodoulou who is a foreign exchange student from a small island in Greece. In this interview, we will talk about her personal and educational experiences that come with being a foreign...

My Neighbor and I

Two best friends having fun talking about their favorite artist and their impact.

Decades trapped in 13 minutes

I asked my papa a series of questions about his past to maybe help with my future.

All about Teaching preschool

we discuss all the positives, negatives and complications of teaching preschool.

Roy Quenneville 3/2024

Me interviewing my dad at him home in Phoenix. he has early onset Alzheimer’s and I was anxious to speak with him cause I don’t get along to well with my dad. I asked him about general life questions. my...