Nicolette Nordin Heavey and Alex Wu

Creating Community Through Sharing Stories: Nicolette Nordin Heavey was born Detroit, but spent the majority of her childhood in Belgium and England. After attending college in America, she moved to Andover to raise her family. Wanting to help contribute to...

Grace Hernandez, Elena Hernandez Melendez, and Rafael Hernandez

Cousins Elena Hernandez Melendez [no age given] and Rafael Hernandez (35) have a conversation with their aunt Grace Hernandez [no age given] about their relationship with Basketball in the Barrio and the role that the camp and community have played...

Sebastian Lamb and Kathy Bartaldo

Sebastian Lamb (15) talks with his grandmother, Kathy Bartaldo (72) about what it was like for her growing up and how she was impacted by her family then, and her family now.

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau and Monique Mousseau

Felipa Deleon-Mousseau (53) speaks with her wife, Monique "Muffie" Mousseau (55), about their love story, and the fights they have had to stand through as a result of their same-sex relationship, both on and off the Pine Ridge Reservation. They...

Grandma Nelson’s Life Stories
December 24, 2022 App Interview

my grandma nelson talks about her experiences in life. she talks about our family and all her favorite stories.

Mercedes Andrade and Angela Jacquez

Friends and colleagues Mercedes Andrade (39) and Angela Jacquez (46) reflect on their friendship, traditions they love, and their travel plans for the future. They hope to travel together to New York, New York and Paris, France in the near...

Interview Between Jennifer Brock née Bittick and Jordan Brock on The Changes in Weddings Over a Thirty Year Span of Time
December 14, 2022 App Interview

a discussion between Jennifer Brock(49) and Jordan Brock(18) about the changes in wedding traditions between 1992 when Jennifer was married and 2022 when Jaycee Grissen(22), Jennifer’s daughter, and Jordan’s sister, was married.